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The Black Panther follows Tkalla, who after the events of Captain America: Civil War returned home from the technically advanced Africans of Vacant to be a human being. However, when Thalalis thinks that the old enemies appear in Haro, the black king and the blackmoon are tested when they are dragged into a conflict that endangers all vacancies and the world.

T’Challa, After the death of his father, King Vacand returned home in a lonely African country, technicallyadvanced to victory on the throne and took his valuable place as a human being. After the incident Captain America: The civil war, King T’Challa returns home to the technically advanced African population of Vacanta, who will become the new leader of Laos. Txawm li cas los, T’Challa will soon discover that it is a challenge for the throne The factions were in their own country. When the two will destroy the enemies Vakandu-hero, called “Black Panther”, they must agree toAgent Everett K. Rosom and Dora Mila member, Vakanadanaspetsialni strength, allows Vakanda to move the world war.

On Thursday, February 15, Friday, February 15, Black Panther fans can be one of the first to see the new Marvel Studios in RealD 3D during dinner. An hour later, in addition to watching the film, fans also see specific content, collect collected data and popcorn coins.

PantherSet black after the “Captain America: The Civil War” was T’Challa Vakanda turns king of the country, butthat pozytsiyuscho its under threat of opposite duration of certain domestic conflicts that may affect the country, which is not part of Visa. Black Panther has the only option to combine agent Everett K. Ross and Dora Milay with their own special Vakandi troops to prevent the nation from entering the world war.

Language: English

Subject: After

Classification: NA

General release date: 15 February 2018

Genre: Drama / Science fiction

Duration: No.

Distributor: Walt DisneyPictures

Cast: Chadwick Bozeman, Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nong, Danai Gurier, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaley, Letittia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, AndySerkis

Director: Ryan Kugler

Layout: 2D

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